The rise of the digital economy, growing demographic shifts and the changing climate are just some of the forces fundamentally altering how we work and invest today, and how we will live tomorrow.
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Article December 2019

China: Gender equality begins in the womb, and continues through life

With an ageing population China could soon face a shortage of talent in the workplace. Improving gender equality could be key to addressing this challenge.

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What we're reading November 2019

Climate emergency, VR headsets for cows and not enough female musicians?

A dire warning over climate change, why cows are wearing virtual reality headsets, and are music festivals male dominated?

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Bloomberg November 2019

Your next vacation may be virtual

Why you may take your next vacation in the comfort of your living room - meaning a smaller carbon footprint, thanks to virtual reality.

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Video November 2019

Why engaging men in the gender debate is key for greater corporate diversity

Author Christine Armstrong tells AXA IM portfolio manager Anne Tolmunen why getting men involved in the gender equality debate is key to breaking barriers.

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What we're reading November 2019

Nordic urban planning, how singing can improve health and are smart toilets the future?

How singing and dancing can improve health, smart toilets, and why the Nordics are teaching the world about planning cities.

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Article November 2019

Cord cutters: How streaming services are changing the television industry

Read more about the changing television landscape as viewers increasingly turn to video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon instead of traditional TV.

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