Wall Street’s green new deal positivity, racking up the driverless car stats and examining the impact of artificial intelligence on fake news. Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…

The new, new deal

Bloomberg Businessweek argues that Wall Street is more than willing to fund the ‘Green New Deal’, a set of proposed economic stimulus measures, aiming to address climate change and economic inequality in the United States, while the New York Times argues that increasingly environmental policy is economic policy.

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Jobbing robots

Bloomberg delves into the actual impacts of automation and digitisation on employment, while the Harvard Business Review reports on research into the differences in how automation affects low and high-skill workers respectively, while The Atlantic reports on self-driving car numbers from Californian regulators – and it appears that the field has expanded.

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Creating the world we want

The Harvard Business Review argues that our digital lives don’t need to make us unhappy, unhealthy or unwise, while Wired argues that artificial reality will spark the next big tech platform.

The MIT Technology Review looks at how creating an artificial intelligence algorithm that can write convincing prose, runs the risk of mass-producing fake news, while The Atlantic reports on a new study showing that little teams of scientists are more likely to take their research into radically new directions.

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