Biased Bitcoin bears, AI debaters and why China might win the global tech race. Our weekly round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities.

History is written by the winners

The Financial Times delves into why China could well be on its way to winning the global tech race and also launches a project to help identify European companies which can champion digital transformation in the region – in an effort to stop Europe lagging behind. Elsewhere The Atlantic looks at how and why China is looking to try and rewrite the rules of the global internet.

The great AI debate

Bloomberg takes a look at IBM’s ‘debating’ AI and comes to the conclusion it is here to convince you that you’re wrong, while The Harvard Business Review examines how humans and AIs are increasingly joining forces rather than one replacing the other. Over at the MIT Technology Review, the publication reports on initiatives to bring AI jobs to the American rust belt.

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Climate change

The Conversation looks the impact climate change is having on rice paddies and the massive implications this has for developing countries while Yale’s Environment 360 examines how market forces are changing the face of renewable energy as subsidies subside.

Bitcoin bias

The Bank of International Settlements takes on the subject of Bitcoin and comes to the conclusion that, among other things, the sheer volume of data involved in mining bitcoins could eventually bring the internet to a halt. In addition, Bloomberg ponders the implications for Bitcoin‘s next wave of buyers and a contributor on the  Centre for Economic Policy Analysis  website VoxEU, argues that cryptocurrencies make for lousy investments.

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