Amazon’s plan for home robots, finding a new model for data ownership and why we might be running out of wine.  Our weekly round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities.

Market vs. state

The Financial Times looks at why neither the ‘market’ nor the ‘state’ look like the right model for information ownership, and considers the implications of this for both business as well as the wider world.

Quartz looks at the reasons why India has a host of cybersecurity job vacancies and very few takers, while The Financial Times also argues that regulating Facebook would not solve the broader problem as the ‘data horse’ has already bolted.

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Robots in disguise

Researchers at Oxford University have taken a long hard look at China’s artificial intelligence industry and how well it is placed to compete with the US.

Elsewhere Bloomberg reports on Amazon’s top secret plan to build home robots while TechCrunch also highlights the “real life transformer”. Created by Japanese engineers, the J-deite Ride, is  12-foot tall robot that can actually transform into a working car.

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Up, up and away

Bloomberg looks at why the airline industry is in dire need of more female pilots while The Atlantic examines what a workspace built for women could like.

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The nature of addiction

Nature asks whether or not the world is going to be able to kick its addiction to fossil fuels fast enough.

And finally, global wine production has hit a 60-year low, Quartz reports, as the industry is buffeted by changing weather patterns.