Should Wall Street bankers be forced to take paternity leave? How climate change makes us all sneeze and a ‘robolution’ for the construction industry and a flooded city. Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…

Brainy scientists

The first baby with DNA from three different people was born in Greece The Guardian reports. It is a result of an experimental IVF treatment, which not all hail as a great achievement. Meanwhile, research by scientists from the Wellcome Sanger Institute has thrown up new avenues to tackle cancer – there are some 600 areas where new drugs could seek to attack cancer cells, the BBC writes.

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National Geographic reports on a new discovery of a form of matter that is both liquid and solid at the same time. How does that work you ask? Some brainy scientists and AI provide the answer.

The Harvard Business Review examines how you can spot a machine learning opportunity, even if you are no data scientist and Wired calls for a ‘robolution’ to improve the construction industry’s chronic delays and budget-busting.

Paternity leave

Elsewhere, Quartz suggests compulsory parental leave could be the key to gender parity on Wall Street, as male bankers tend not to take time off after their partners have had a baby.

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In floods

Climate change makes our seasonal allergies worse, says National Geographic. It’s the milder and shorter winters and pollution that make for more sniffling and sneezing. Meanwhile, The Guardian writes that marine plastic pollution costs the world $2.5tn a year, due to the negative impact it has on fisheries, aquaculture, recreational activities and global wellbeing.

To make us more aware of the effects of climate change, the Weather Channel has adopted provocative methods: it flooded the city of Norfolk, Wired writes. The channel used its mixed-reality studio to span centuries and let the water flow – scary.

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