Could clouds become a thing of the past? Transparent wood, monkeys with superpowers and a ‘magic bullet’. Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…

The world in 2080

In an interactive map, Wired shows how climate change might affect where you live come 2080. It writes that we might be heading to a future without clouds – at least that’s what computers analysing global warming are suggesting. Meanwhile, Quartz writes that the average European will lose two years of their life due to air pollution.

On a brighter note, the size of the impact investing market has grown to $502bn according to the latest Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) Sizing the Impact Investing Market report. Elsewhere, the BBC tells us about a ‘magic bullet’ to remove carbon dioxide from the air, and how it has received commercial backing. However the initiative’s list of investors include some of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies.

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Tastier pasta

The World Economic Forum says that AI has the potential to enrich our lives in many ways, provided we use it properly. Is making our spag-bol more delicious a proper use of such tech? The Technology Review tells us that MIT researchers have already used AI to improve the flavor of basil. Judge for yourself.

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Crazy science

The Guardian tells us about a new eco-friendly building material invention, ‘transparent wood’, which could soon replace plastic or glass in the construction of energy-efficient homes.

The website also asks: Do animals hold the key to the global organ shortage? Spoiler-alert: The future could be Crispr – a new gene-editing technology. And according to Wired, science might be getting closer to curing colour blindness, thanks to monkeys with superpower eyes.

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