Why you should be worried about your morning cup of Joe, the impact of dead batteries and the rise of globalisation 4.0. Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…

Globalisation 4.0?

The Harvard Business Review looks into the state of socially responsible investing, while The BBC reports from the Detroit auto show on the petrol bets car firms are making to help fund an electric future. Nature reports on how climate change is putting wild coffee species in jeopardy, and why we should be worried.  And, the World Economic Forum makes the case for how Globalisation 4.0 will help tackle climate change.

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Bricks and mortar

The Guardian looks at the many guises the internet takes around the world, from government censorship, to postal delivery – not everyone’s echo chamber is the same. The Harvard Business Review argues that in the ongoing fight for survival in the era of online shopping, retailers may well be squandering their most potent weapon, while Bloomberg reports on the hottest new asset class – Lego.

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Nutty ideas

Bloomberg Businessweek speaks to veteran investor Jeremy Grantham on why he believes climate change is “the biggest reshuffling of the economy since the Industrial Revolution”. The publication also looks at the world of worn out electric vehicle batteries and digs into why discarded batteries will create challenges for regulators, manufacturers and recyclers. The BBC reports on a new diet designed to feed 10 billion people and not destroy the planet, while still allowing people to eat meat.

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