Studies in ride-sharing risks, the politics of climate change and unlocking longevity. Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…

Bookish A.I.

Quartz looks at how Amazon has everything it needs to create algorithm-driven fiction. The publication, in its members section, also looks at the future of cash, while Wired profiles the genius neuroscientist who might hold the key to true artificial intelligence.

The journal Science reports on a new, controversial study that suggests that the boom in ride-sharing services has contributed to an increase in traffic deaths in US cities. Sticking with controversial science, Nature returns to the topic of gene drives and the forthcoming United Nations decision on whether or not to ban them.

Environmental costs and collapsing mythology

Bloomberg Businessweek looks at the environmental cost of the rapid growth of China and India. While Bloomberg looks at the Canadian ghost town that is gambling on bitcoin to revive the fortunes of its struggling community.
The Atlantic looks at the new politics of climate change. The publication also looks at what happens when the mythology surrounding big tech collapses.
Unlocking longevity

The Harvard Business Review delves into the implications of the greying workforce and how it offers not only challenge, but also opportunity. The publication also looks into the broader set of opportunities offered by longevity.