A look at facial recognition flaws, smart phone danger and where the global talent pool is headed. Our weekly round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities.

Is that really you?

The New York Times looks into the flaws, biases inherent within and dangers of relying on facial recognition algorithms, while the Harvard Business Review suggests that, properly used, algorithms can lead to less bias. The publication also explores artificial intelligence’s next big challenge – unpacking the nuances of language

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Smart addiction

The MIT Technology Review reports on the fact that hordes of research robots are vulnerable to being hacked, while the Financial Times delves into smart phone addiction and the big tech balancing act that comes with it.

The World Economic Forum looks at how AI changes the way we need to think about international affairs. While the BBC looks at the African invention school that was inspired by bike parts. Wired makes the case for why much of the US electric grid could go the way of the landline phone

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Decoding the talent pool

The Boston Consulting Group tries to decode the global talent pool and the forces driving it, while the Financial Times discusses why diversity versus merit is a false dichotomy.

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