Japan’s new coal embrace, Facebook’s AI training ground and why voice search could be a revelation for the blind. Our weekly round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities.

Mainstreaming crypto

Bloomberg looks at how crypto stacks up against other investments, while Quartz examines whether or not ethereum should be classified as a security – and what that would mean for the asset class.

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Separating fact and fiction

Quartz reports on  a new study that analyses how opinions can trick your understanding of facts.

Bloomberg also delves into the endowment effect at work when trying to gauge how much people might be willing to pay for the services of companies like Facebook which have until now, been free.

Training AI

Quartz showcases the world’s largest drone performance, while the Financial Times investigates the world of driverless car testing, and finds out that the human overrides are less robust than might be expected.

Wired magazine looks at how our social feeds can and, in Facebook’s case have, provided a treasure trove of data with which to train artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Go your own way

Science examines why Japan is bucking the global trend of moving away from fossil fuels, as it is once again embracing coal.

I, Robot

The Atlantic looks at how voice-activated devices could revolutionise how the blind interact with the world of information. And, Wired looks at how to interact with robots without embarrassing yourself.

New areas of innovation

Bloomberg takes a deep dive into the Chinese technology industry and comes to some startling revelations.

The Harvard Business Review looks at whether or not there are any hotbeds of technological innovation that can catch up with the US and China.

And, finally, Wired looks at why biology is likely to be the next great computing platform.

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