From flying cars to the benefits of the four-day work week. Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…

Big in Japan

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on how Japan is getting serious about flying cars, while the MIT Technology Review delves into the world’s largest experiment in using blockchain-based networks to pay for things – which is also happening in Japan.

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Shrinking the gap

The Harvard Business Review digs into new research which shows that the gender pay gap shrinks when companies are required to disclose them, while Quartz explains why the four-day work week is good news for gender equality.

Leaders and followers

The Harvard Business Review looks at which countries are leading the data economy, and importantly which are the top data producers, while the Yale Environment 360 blog argues the case that China’s belt and road initiative could be devastating for the world’s climate.

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Follow the money

The Guardian argues that the ad-free era is over, while Bloomberg explains why it is getting increasingly difficult to see who profits from AI

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