Just how sizzling is the science of lab-grown meat? How cheap can we make self-driving cars? And what should tech innovators be asking themselves? Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…


The next generation

The Harvard Business Review argues that the costs of self-driving cars could well be the biggest barrier to mass adoption, while The MIT Technology Review delves into the topic of 5G or, as it calls it, the real reason America is scared of Huawei.

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That’s good eating

Yale’s Environment 360 blog reports on new research that predicts that World’s ‘Third Pole’ will lose a third of its ice by 2100 and Reuters looks at the Green New Deal being proposed by a number of US Democrats. Nature argues that investor interest in lab-grown meat belies a lack of basic research, while Bloomberg says that the best diet for the planet isn’t the best for humans.

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Changing shape

Techcrunch looks at why streaming service Spotify is betting big on podcasting, while Bloomberg makes the case that the TV industry’s biggest question in 2019 is – What is TV, exactly?

Quartz looks at the one big question, founders should be asking about their new technologies. Hint, it is not ‘how much money will this make us’. Elsewhere, The Conversation argues that as work gets more ambiguous, younger generations may be less equipped for it.

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