Bitcoin’s annus ridiculous

Bloomberg Businessweek takes an in-depth look at Bitcoin, asking a year after the crypto bubble burst, will bitcoin ever recover? The publication also delves into the messy political story behind bitcoin’s rise.

Bloomberg’s editorial board also argues that Europe’s technology tax is a mistake in the making, while Reuters makes the case for big tech’s mission in US ‘flyover country’.

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Exercise makes the heart grow younger

The Harvard Business Review reports on the news that impact investing could accelerate the fight against cancer, while NPR examines new research on exercise, which shows that fit seniors can have hearts that look 30 years younger.

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Mapping the internet

The Centre for International Governance Innovation tries to map the geopolitics of digital governance and makes the case for why there are actually four internets. The New Yorker asks whether or not we should be worried about computerised facial recognition, while the Harvard Business Review looks at how to decide which data science projects to pursue.

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Rebranding climate change

The Guardian reports on a proposal to try and rename global warming, while The New York Times looks back at the year in climate change, and what a year it was.

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