Robots vs. Ikea, big tech bartering and putting a value on Bitcoin. Our weekly round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities.

A social future

Reuters reports on the latest twist in the Facebook privacy saga. It has now emerged that the social media giant looks set to move 1.5bn users out of the jurisdiction of the European Union’s incoming General Data Protection Regulation.

Elsewhere The Financial Times argues that it is perhaps time to rediscover the notion that the barter system and money can coexist.

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Bloomberg points out that the increase in rents attributable to the Airbnb is a great deal smaller than most people would think.

What’s it worth to you?

The Financial Times takes Vitalik Buterin to lunch to get the creator of Ethereum’s views on everything from the prospects for bitcoin to running a $125bn blockchain.

Bloomberg tries to put a proper valuation on bitcoin – there is quite a wide range.

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Building an AI future

Wired profiles Google’s new head of artificial intelligence, and looks at his plans for the firm.

Quartz takes a look into an actually useful deployment of AI – building Ikea furniture and also examines financial inclusion, noting that, while it is improving, women continue to miss out.

In addition Reuters examines China’s plans to speed up the development of its domestic semiconductor market, amid the ongoing trade standoff with the US, which has underlined the country’s reliance on imported computer chips.

And, finally, Bloomberg reports on the fact that the UK just went for 55 hours without using coal for the first time in history

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