Asimov’s 2019 predictions, Stella McCartney’s sustainability plans and digital love in Japan. Our round-up of provoking thoughts, penetrating insights and digital curiosities…

The BBC takes a look at Isaac Asimov’s predictions for 2019, which he made in 1983 – and assesses how accurate they are. The science fiction writer’s forecasts, were originally published in the Toronto Star newspaper, and it seems many of them have proved surprisingly on the money.

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The Guardian looks at what’s in line for smartphones in 2019 – and so-called hole-punch selfie cams and bigger screens, are expected to be among some of the bigger developments.

Planet fashion

Wired interviews Stella McCartney, where the designer talks recycled ocean plastics, mushroom leather and the future of sustainable companies. The magazine also asks whether AI has taken over the retail sector?

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Elsewhere, in a bid to cut emissions and combat climate change, The Washington Post has outlined 11 policy ideas to protect the planet.

Grand smart-theft auto

Bloomberg examines how hi-tech vehicle manufactures are upping their security as a report shows that reported attacks on smart cars have swelled six-fold over the past four years.

And on the subject of digi-cars, Reuters highlights how almost a third of new cars sold in Norway last year were pure electric – marking a new world record.

Holo love and how low can Biotcoin go?

After Bitcoin’s annus horribilis, The Independent asks the experts how they think the cryptocurrency will fare in 2019 – and $0 is one pundit’s prediction.

And finally CNN reports that a 35-year-old Japanese school administrator has married a hologram. Akihiko Kondo and cyber celebrity bride Hatsune Miku tied the knot in November. And no, it’s not legally recognised.

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