Cancer breakthrough?

The MIT Technology Review reports on how cancer might soon be treated through custom-made vaccines based on a tumour’s DNA, while The Guardian looks at the growing market of femtech.

Spain will have the longest life expectancy in 2040, according to a study in The Lancet, writes the South China Morning Post. But the ECB’s chief economist Peter Praet also sees downsides to living longer and argues it could lead to longer recessions, weaker recoveries and decreased firepower for central banks, Reuters reports.Read more: Made in China 2.0: The digital economy drive

Keeping Pando alive

Quartz writes about the world’s largest organism, Pando, which has been alive for at least 80,000 years, and why it might be facing its end. Bloomberg might have a solution. The newswire tells us: If you want to save the planet, eat less meat – a lot, lot less.

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The rise of superhumans

Quartz show in a video how a biotech implant might be able to rewire your brain, while The Guardian reports on essays by the late professor Stephen Hawking suggesting that a new race of superhumans could develop as a result of wealthy people editing their DNA.

The Harvard Business Review looks into how competition is driving the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence. Chinese companies are at the forefront of digital innovations for the retail industry, according to Bloomberg Business Week, from facial-recognition payment systems to fully automated convenience stores.

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