The AI fears behind the US/China trade tensions, circular economics and how workforces can use algorithms to their advantage.

Trade wars and tantrums

The Financial Times delves into the tech fears behind US president Donald Trump’s trade war with China, while the New York Times looks at the reasons ‘Made in China 2025’ will succeed despite Trump’s intervention. Quartz wonders why Europe seems unable to create tech giants like the US and China do.

AI game changers and fragile free will

The Atlantic looks into a game-changing AI tool for tracking animal movements. The publication also asks whether or not Quantum computing could be the end of free will, while the World Economic Forum unpacks six ways to ensure AI and new technology works for, rather than against humanity.

AI labour and workplace warfare

The MIT Technology Review discusses a digital capitalism that even Karl Marx might have enjoyed, while The Financial Times looks into what could happen should algorithms go to war in the workplace.

Going round in circles

The Harvard Business Review discusses the case for sustainability in light of the EU’s new circular economy policy, while Bloomberg wades into the recycling debate, asking where on earth we should be putting our recycling? The publication also wonders whether or not KKR is building what Europe’s phone giants were unable to create.